At the Rainforest Sky Rides.

Become one with Nature!

The Lightness of Being “Up, Up and Away on your Rainforest Tour allows you to become one with nature, as you glide through the rainforests from the comfort of your gondola.

rainforestCome and experience nature in its entire splendor with an experienced Nature Interpreter, as they point out the vibrant flora and exotic fauna that are usually hidden in the forest treetops. The peacefulness of nature, flirtatious hummingbirds, colorful blossoms, knowledgeable guides, and panoramic view of the northern part of the island as you decent, makes this Aerial Tram ride a must! A serene retreat guaranteed to refresh the senses. No fitness limits, for all ages.

Adrenaline Zipling Option: The Adrena-line zip line tour is not for the faint of heart. The exciting zip line tour starts with a short walk through a peaceful part of the tropical rainforest. Go out on a limb and take the leap and swing like Tarzan into the web. If your adrenaline isn’t flowing then, a brisk hike to the next set of platforms will juice things up a bit before you zip safely and with a thrill to base camp.

Ultimate Three Option {Aerial Tram, Hike & Adrenaline Zipling Combo}:  This tour package combines the up-close views of an aerial tram with the excitement of a canopy zip line tour. A professional naturalist guide will accompany you along the rainforest trails, pointing out some of the secrets of the rainforest that surrounds you.

N.B: The Adrena-Line tour is not suitable for pregnant woman or persons with back or neck injuries.

TOUR INCLUDESAerial tram ride, Fern Nature trail, 1 Nature Interpreter for a group of 8 guests
CARYY ALONGWalking/hiking shoes for trail (no high heels, sandals or flip flops allowed for trails), suntan lotion, rain protection, insect repellent, camera, binoculars, travel details and passport for Duty free shopping.
DAYS OF OPERATIONSundays through to Fridays


Aerial Tram Tour (duration 3 – 3 ½ hours)

US$94 per adult /  US$83 per chd (3-12 yrs)

Adrenaline Zipling Tour (duration 4 – 4 ½ hours)

US$94 per adult / US$83 per chd (3-12 yrs)

Tranopy Tour (duration 3 hours)

US$110 per adult / US$99 per chd (3-12 yrs)

Tour prices are inclusive of 10% VAT


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